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Preserving the history of the World War II PIgeons

The British Army in the United Kingdom, 1939-45
A message written on rice paper is put into a container and attached to a carrier pigeon by members of 61st Division Signals at Ballymena, Northern Ireland, 3 July 1941.  © IWM (H 11281)

From A Pigeon’s Tale by S.A. Mahan

“We pigeons have the ability to tap into a rare resource called ‘morphic resonance’ to send thoughts and ideas, intentionally or not, to each other across great distances, instantaneously.  It actually seems to work on a sub-quantum level as highly charged sub-particle information leaves space and time and then instantaneously re-enters when it finds its’ proper sub-quantum receptors and transfers the information to, in this case, pigeons.  Even pigeons living on the far side of the world!”

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Middle East Pigeon Service Pigeons:  Photos  1/15/19

Jimmy, the magazine of the Royal Corps of Signals in the Middle East:  pigeon article, contributed by Jane M. Barrett  1/12/19

The Pigeons That Went to War, Gordon H. Hayes Collection  1/12/19

Middle East Pigeon Service photos contributed by Jane M. Barrett  1/4/19

War Pigeons:  Italian Alps, January 1945  12/26/18
Honoring a veteran and pigeon historian, Frank Quatrocci  12/8/18
War Pigeons:  Cassino, Italy, 1944: Miss Peggy, Master Brian, Just Jerry  11/28/18
15 HQ Carrier Pigeon Section pigeons readied for use by USAAF and RAF, 1943  11/24/18
War Pigeons:  Tunisian Campaign, Lady Astor, 1943  11/24/18
236 Operational messages delivered by Middle East Pigeon Service pigeons in October 1943     11/18/18
The Pigeons That Went to War, “Far Up Front”  11/3/18
World War II Pigeons, Imperial War Museum Photographs  11/3/18
World War II Pigeoneers’ Stories  10/5/18
Middle East Pigeon Service Film, 1942  9/26/18
Pigeons in World War II by Major W.H. Osman, photos and letters  9/15/18
D-Day Pigeons, 1944  8/28/18
Operation Gibbon:  Agent Ceysens’s first pigeon message  7/27/18
Pigeons in Italy:  21 HQ Section Carrier Pigeon Reports, Sept.-Dec. 1944  7/14/18
2 way communication between lofts, November,1944  11/22/17
Large number of pigeons needed to keep pace with advance of 8th Army, 1944  11/16/17
Large number of pigeons requested to be trained, July 1944  10/30/17
Special Force No. 1 use of pigeons, June 1944  10/28/17
Middle Eastern Pigeon Service in Palestine, Cyprus, and Iraq, 1942  10/18/17
21 HQ Carrier Pigeon Service:  number of messages delivered and note on pigeons flying 200 miles,    10/8/17
Supply of pigeons inadequate for Middle East, East and West  Africa, 1943   9/30/17
Italians request permission to train pigeons for the Allies at lofts in Rome, 1944   9/24/17
Pigeons prove to be successful substitute for wireless, 14th Army, June 1944  9/16/1
21 Carrier Pigeon Service, 1944   7/30/17
Note about lofts in Aden, 1943   7/23/17
Report on training and liberating pigeons in the slipstream, 1943   7/4/17
Middle Eastern Pigeon Service Report February 1943   6/26/17
Plans for D-Day   6/16/17
340 pigeons dispatched to Indian Pigeon Service, 1944  6/8/17
Pigeons at Malta lofts averaging 220 operational messages per week, July 1944   6/2/17
Pigeons at Port Said, 1943   5/27/17
Pigeons homing at night, January 1943   5/20/17
Report on Indian Pigeon Service, July 1944    5/20/17
RAF pigeons in Italy 1944   5/20/17
Report on the rescue of the crew of the Baltimore, 1943   5/9/17
Report on East Africa Pigeon Service, 1943   5/7/17
Middle East Pigeon Service NOMAD pigeons, 1943  5/5/17   4/7/17
Indian Pigeon Service Conference, 1944    4/27/17
Plans for pigeons during Operation Overlord, 1944   4/21/17
Methods of dropping pigeons for airborne operations, 1943   4/15/17
Pigeons in Italy, 1944   4/7/17
Flights by pigeons, 1944   4/1/17
Lofts to be set up in Iraq, Aden, and East Africa; captured lofts to serve as invaluable means of communication, 1943   3/29/17
Boomerang 2-way pigeon service training instructions, 1944   3/14/17
Plans to set up pigeon service in Iraq, 1944   3/5/17
Pigeons to carry film, 1944     3/3/17
1944 report on use of pigeons in the Balkans and Italy     2/26/17
Pigeons were primary means of communication for S.A.S., 1944     2/24/17
Report on use of pigeons by 8th Army, 1944     2/15/17
Accomplishments by RAF pigeons, 1942-44     2/15/17
Report on Indian Pigeon Service, July 1944     2/4/17
Problems faced by pigeons who flew as part of the D-Day invasion     1/28/17
Middle East Pigeon Service War Diary September 1943       1/14/17
RAF parachutists’ method for landing with pigeons, 1942     1/10/17
D-Day pigeons flying abilities hampered by too many days in containers     1/3/17
Plan to set up pigeon service in Greece, April 1944     12/27/16
Middle East Pigeon Service Reports on pigeons, Mar-Apr 1944---establishment of 12-way link; 1500 pigeons sent to A.A.I     12/24/16
Report on pigeons in Syria and Palestine, Nov. 1943     12/18/16
Captured Italian pigeon lofts to be used by the Allies for communication 1943     12/14/16
Reorganization of Middle East Pigeon Service July 1943---descriptions of loft capabilities     12/8/16
Arrival of 1100 pigeons at Middle Eastern Pigeon Service HQ May 1943     12/4/16
Use of pigeons in Syria and Palestine, 1944     11/24/16
Mediterranean Pigeon Service reorganization, 1943    11/18/16
Pigeons trained by Middle Eastern Pigeon Service to deliver messages from Cyprus to caiques , 1943     11/11/16
1944 Report on using pigeons to deliver messages in Sicily and Italy    11/2/16
Middle Eastern Pigeon Service extricates more than 300 men from danger 1944     10/26/16
Use of pigeons by British and Americans 1944     10/23/16
Microgram Pigeon Service 1944     10/23/16
1943 Training Notes on 2-Way Pigeon Service    10/12/16

Middle East Pigeon Service Pigeons

The photos were taken by Leonard Sydney Frank Walter, who served in the MEPS and
were contributed by Jane M. Barrett.

This one is NPS 42 NS 7882

NPS 42 NS21241 

This was entitled two poor youngsters and one good one