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Preserving the History of the World War II PIgeons

The British Army in the United Kingdom, 1939-45
A message written on rice paper is put into a container and attached to a carrier pigeon by members of 61st Division Signals at Ballymena, Northern Ireland, 3 July 1941.  Imperial War Museum © IWM (H 11281)

As Me:  A Story of Birds, People, the Second World War, and Reincarnation by Jennifer Spangler is now free to read online.  Birds play major roles in the story and many sections are told from a bird’s perspective.  If you’d like to check it out, search for

That’s as me in two centuries spelled out.


This is an excerpt from the Signal Pigeon Company Handbook, published by the United States War Department in 1944.  Self Reliance books published a facsimile of this manual in 2017.  From page 4 of Section II.  DUTIES AND CAPABILITIES:
8.  CAPABILITIES.  a.  Reliability.  Reliability is the most desirable characteristic of the homing pigeon.  Records disclose that 99 percent of the messages sent by pigeons during tactical operations are delivered successfully.”

The Red Pigeon

In They Had No Choice, Racing Pigeons At War, Garry McCafferty recounts the story of Tom Milar, as told to him by Eric Smallman of Kent.  Best friends, Eric and Tom went into the forces at the same time and served in the infantry in France.  During a heavy bombardment of British troops, both men were severely wounded.  Stretcher bearers picked Eric up.  Tom made it to a trench.  A few days later, Eric learned that Tom had died.  He spoke with the medic who had recovered Tom’s body.  The medic had found a dead pigeon in his tunic.  This seemed fitting because Tom had kept pigeons before the war.  But how did Tom have a pigeon with him in the trench? Years later, in the early seventies, Eric received a collection of papers and a worn red diary from Tom’s son Brian.  Then, in 2001, Eric was reading Pigeon Weekly and saw an article about McCafferty’s forthcoming book.  He called McCafferty and told him about Tom and the pigeon and said it would be a tribute to Tom if the story were in the book.  McCafferty writes, “A few days later I was to receive the diary, which I have to say was heartbreaking to read.  I have set out below the last entry written by Tom before he died.”

Things don’t look too good.  I’ve been badly hurt, my left leg has been  blown away from the knee.  I don’t think I will last much longer as I am losing too much blood.  I’m in the South trench but everyone is dead, there is no movement, only the smoke and the smell.  Please tell Mary and the children that I love them with all my heart, I hope they don’t feel bad of me.  I can’t write much more.  I am weak.  I know I will soon be with my Maker.  I am not afraid.  I thought I was on my own but a red pigeon has just fallen from the sky and is just a few inches from me.  He must be on service too.  We make a good pair, I have one leg left, and he is missing a wing.  I will keep him warm, we will go on together, goodnight, God bless.


Half-buried, a camouflaged combat loft at the Anzio beachhead, Italy.  From The Pigeons That Went to War by Gordon H. Hayes.  Used by permission of the Pacific Library.

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Italians request permission to train pigeons for the Allies at lofts in Rome, 1944   9/24/17
Pigeons prove to be successful substitute for wireless, 14th Army, June 1944  9/16/1
21 Carrier Pigeon Service, 1944   7/30/17
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340 pigeons dispatched to Indian Pigeon Service, 1944  6/8/17
Pigeons at Malta lofts averaging 220 operational messages per week, July 1944   6/2/17
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Lofts to be set up in Iraq, Aden, and East Africa; captured lofts to serve as invaluable means of communication, 1943   3/29/17
Boomerang 2-way pigeon service training instructions, 1944   3/14/17
Plans to set up pigeon service in Iraq, 1944   3/5/17
Pigeons to carry film, 1944     3/3/17
1944 report on use of pigeons in the Balkans and Italy     2/26/17
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Plan to set up pigeon service in Greece, April 1944     12/27/16
Middle East Pigeon Service Reports on pigeons, Mar-Apr 1944---establishment of 12-way link; 1500 pigeons sent to A.A.I     12/24/16
Report on pigeons in Syria and Palestine, Nov. 1943     12/18/16
Captured Italian pigeon lofts to be used by the Allies for communication 1943     12/14/16
Reorganization of Middle East Pigeon Service July 1943---descriptions of loft capabilities     12/8/16
Arrival of 1100 pigeons at Middle Eastern Pigeon Service HQ May 1943     12/4/16
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Mediterranean Pigeon Service reorganization, 1943    11/18/16
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