Sunday, March 24, 2019

Preserving the history of the World War II PIgeons

The British Army in the United Kingdom, 1939-45
A message written on rice paper is put into a container and attached to a carrier pigeon by members of 61st Division Signals at Ballymena, Northern Ireland, 3 July 1941.  © IWM (H 11281)

Half-buried, a camouflaged combat loft at the Anzio beachhead, Italy.

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Honoring a veteran and pigeon historian, Frank Quatrocci  12/8/18
War Pigeons:  Cassino, Italy, 1944: Miss Peggy, Master Brian, Just Jerry  11/28/18
15 HQ Carrier Pigeon Section pigeons readied for use by USAAF and RAF, 1943  11/24/18
War Pigeons:  Tunisian Campaign, Lady Astor, 1943  11/24/18
236 Operational messages delivered by Middle East Pigeon Service pigeons in October 1943     11/18/18
The Pigeons That Went to War, “Far Up Front”  11/3/18
World War II Pigeons, Imperial War Museum Photographs  11/3/18
World War II Pigeoneers’ Stories  10/5/18
Middle East Pigeon Service Film, 1942  9/26/18
Pigeons in World War II by Major W.H. Osman, photos and letters  9/15/18
D-Day Pigeons, 1944  8/28/18
Operation Gibbon:  Agent Ceysens’s first pigeon message  7/27/18
Pigeons in Italy:  21 HQ Section Carrier Pigeon Reports, Sept.-Dec. 1944  7/14/18
2 way communication between lofts, November,1944  11/22/17
Large number of pigeons needed to keep pace with advance of 8th Army, 1944  11/16/17
Large number of pigeons requested to be trained, July 1944  10/30/17
Special Force No. 1 use of pigeons, June 1944  10/28/17
Middle Eastern Pigeon Service in Palestine, Cyprus, and Iraq, 1942  10/18/17
21 HQ Carrier Pigeon Service:  number of messages delivered and note on pigeons flying 200 miles,    10/8/17
Supply of pigeons inadequate for Middle East, East and West  Africa, 1943   9/30/17
Italians request permission to train pigeons for the Allies at lofts in Rome, 1944   9/24/17
Pigeons prove to be successful substitute for wireless, 14th Army, June 1944  9/16/1
21 Carrier Pigeon Service, 1944   7/30/17
Note about lofts in Aden, 1943   7/23/17
Report on training and liberating pigeons in the slipstream, 1943   7/4/17
Middle Eastern Pigeon Service Report February 1943   6/26/17
Plans for D-Day   6/16/17
340 pigeons dispatched to Indian Pigeon Service, 1944  6/8/17
Pigeons at Malta lofts averaging 220 operational messages per week, July 1944   6/2/17
Pigeons at Port Said, 1943   5/27/17
Pigeons homing at night, January 1943   5/20/17
Report on Indian Pigeon Service, July 1944    5/20/17
RAF pigeons in Italy 1944   5/20/17
Report on the rescue of the crew of the Baltimore, 1943   5/9/17
Report on East Africa Pigeon Service, 1943   5/7/17
Middle East Pigeon Service NOMAD pigeons, 1943  5/5/17   4/7/17
Indian Pigeon Service Conference, 1944    4/27/17
Plans for pigeons during Operation Overlord, 1944   4/21/17
Methods of dropping pigeons for airborne operations, 1943   4/15/17
Pigeons in Italy, 1944   4/7/17
Flights by pigeons, 1944   4/1/17
Lofts to be set up in Iraq, Aden, and East Africa; captured lofts to serve as invaluable means of communication, 1943   3/29/17
Boomerang 2-way pigeon service training instructions, 1944   3/14/17
Plans to set up pigeon service in Iraq, 1944   3/5/17
Pigeons to carry film, 1944     3/3/17
1944 report on use of pigeons in the Balkans and Italy     2/26/17
Pigeons were primary means of communication for S.A.S., 1944     2/24/17
Report on use of pigeons by 8th Army, 1944     2/15/17
Accomplishments by RAF pigeons, 1942-44     2/15/17
Report on Indian Pigeon Service, July 1944     2/4/17
Problems faced by pigeons who flew as part of the D-Day invasion     1/28/17
Middle East Pigeon Service War Diary September 1943       1/14/17
RAF parachutists’ method for landing with pigeons, 1942     1/10/17
D-Day pigeons flying abilities hampered by too many days in containers     1/3/17
Plan to set up pigeon service in Greece, April 1944     12/27/16
Middle East Pigeon Service Reports on pigeons, Mar-Apr 1944---establishment of 12-way link; 1500 pigeons sent to A.A.I     12/24/16
Report on pigeons in Syria and Palestine, Nov. 1943     12/18/16
Captured Italian pigeon lofts to be used by the Allies for communication 1943     12/14/16
Reorganization of Middle East Pigeon Service July 1943---descriptions of loft capabilities     12/8/16
Arrival of 1100 pigeons at Middle Eastern Pigeon Service HQ May 1943     12/4/16
Use of pigeons in Syria and Palestine, 1944     11/24/16
Mediterranean Pigeon Service reorganization, 1943    11/18/16
Pigeons trained by Middle Eastern Pigeon Service to deliver messages from Cyprus to caiques , 1943     11/11/16
1944 Report on using pigeons to deliver messages in Sicily and Italy    11/2/16
Middle Eastern Pigeon Service extricates more than 300 men from danger 1944     10/26/16
Use of pigeons by British and Americans 1944     10/23/16
Microgram Pigeon Service 1944     10/23/16
1943 Training Notes on 2-Way Pigeon Service    10/12/16